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History Projects

Despite the game’s fascinating history in Queensland, there is remarkably little formal documentation recording it.  Many of the league’s records were destroyed in a fire at their offices some years ago, and as a result, piecing the game’s history together raises quite a challenge.  Little by little, however, the jigsaw is starting to take shape.  Although much more work needs to be done, it is indeed a labour of love.

Make history!
One of our objectives is to publish a definitive history of the game in Queensland - a book which documents the game in Queensland from 1866 to the present day.

Several of the Forensics’ members, including Bob Gower of Mayne and Tor Hundloe of Western Districts, are undertaking their own individual projects, most of which are histories of some of the individual clubs in Queensland.

It is hoped that the recent launch of the Queensland Australian Football Forensics will facilitate the process of documenting the game’s history.

If you think you may be able to provide information, old photos, mementos, programs, old annual reports, or you think you have a family member or friend who may be able to assist us in such a way, we’d love to hear from you.  Those old scrapbooks or boxes of papers lying around might actually be of great historical value.


Last Modified:  30th March 2012

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