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Ways to get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved in AFL - from playing, coaching, umpiring and supporting to being an administrator, timekeeper, grounds person, bar person, raffle holder or a valued club member, along with all manner of other volunteers and workers.

For those of you who would like to learn a little more, let’s run through just a few of the options available to you.

Playing AFL


Auskick is great for boys and girls aged 5 to 12.

Details of Auskick on the AFL website
Queensland Auskick and Junior Footy Contacts
AFL Auskick home page

Junior Footy
Kids aged 8 to 12 can experience the thrill of playing AFL.  Modified rules promote safety and development of skills.

Details of junior footy on the AFL website
Queensland Auskick and Junior Footy Contacts
AFL Brisbane Juniors home page

Youth Footy
Boys of all abilities aged 13 to 18 can enjoy youth footy.

Details of youth footy on the AFL website
Queensland Youth Football Contacts

Open Age Footy
Senior players can enjoy playing AFL at a variety of levels.

Details of open age footy on the AFL website

Female Footy
There are a number of options for women and girls to play AFL.

Details of footy for women and girls on the AFL website
Queensland Girls’ and Womens’ Footy Contacts

AFL 9s
This recently-developed low-contact version of the game is great for all ages and both sexes.

Details of AFL 9s on the AFL website

Masters Footy
Short for ‘Masters Australian Football’, this game offers the opportunity for players aged 30 or more to enjoy playing AFL.

Masters Australian Football home page

The following page gives an overview of umpiring, coaching and volunteering:

Non-playing options on the AFL website

This page gives more information on coaching:

Coaching resource on the AFL website

This page gives more information on umpiring:

Resource for umpires on the AFL website

Whether it be any of the above options or simply a desire to support or be a member of your local club, the following resource on the AFLQ website gives details of all Queensland clubs and leagues.  Given in spreadsheet form, the contents of the spreadsheet are given below.

Details of all Queensland AFL clubs and leagues

Worksheet 1: List of Queensland clubs including websites, contact names, email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers.

Worksheet 2: Details of clubs within each of the Queensland leagues including names and addresses of home grounds.

And finally, a couple of pages which may prove of interest.  Please note that the first page here does include links to some of the pages listed above.

A range of playing and non-playing options on the AFL website

Resource for women and girls on the AFL website


Last Modified:  30th March 2012

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